what is flyper?

Spinning the world since 2015

So what's flying here?

Flyper is special star made out of cloth that’ll get you excited, engaged and focused while playing and having a blast! This innovative skill toy develops coordination, builds social bonds, and most of all – keeps things fun! 

Get in the Flow

A hand-sewn, 8-point cloth star made of the perfect blend of cotton and spandex, Flyper is an interactive toy that can be thrown, tossed, spun, juggled, kicked, and flipped in alone or with friends.

Bright, Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Available in a range of beautiful, colorful prints and even option to design your own!  The ultra-light Flyper spins effortlessly through the air to reveal amazing shapes and designs below.

Making Best dapo spinning cloth
להירגע עם הדאפו

Perfect for the new area

This toy is exceptionally great for getting children and teens engaged, and away from their screens.

Excellent tool for building fine motor skills, improving concentration, exercising the core, all while having a fun 🙂



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