what is flyper?

Spinning the world since 2012

Flyper: Let Your Star Fly

Exciting, engaging, and entertaining—that’s Flyper’s 8-point spinning star.

Not only does it level up your coordination and skills, but it helps you build quality bonds as long-lasting as your Flyper.

Find Your Flow

Whether you fly solo or with friends, your hand-sewn, well-balanced cotton and spandex star is ready for you to throw, toss, spin, juggle, kick, and flip it.

Flyper-fect Patterns and Pigments

You get the best seat in the house—down below! As you spin it, your single-sided, double-sided, or design-of-your-choice Flyper shows off sick patterns for you and your friends.

Making Best dapo spinning cloth
להירגע עם הדאפו

Spin Away from the Screen

Encourage engagement and exercise with Flyper! It takes kids and teens away from digital distractions to a form of fun that improves fine motor skills, focus, and fitness.

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